Wedding Party Gift Boxes Have Arrived!

Planning a wedding is hard enough without adding extras to your to-do list. I should know, I’ve planned basically my entire wedding in my head already. So somewhere between getting engaged, sending everyone a picture of your beautiful shiny new ring, and choosing your future wedding hashtag, you probably decided exactly who you were going to ask to be in your wedding party. It might be an unspoken pact between best friends and sisters, but formally asking your bride tribe to be part of your big day with a card/themed gift is a cute trend right now! Being a bridesmaid can come with a lot of time & responsibilities so a thoughtful welcome to the “I Do Crew” is a great way to show your appreciation.

After months of planning, most of the pre-wedding celebrations have taken place and the big day approaches it is customary to gift your wedding party with a small gift as thanks! This can be something different for each girl, based on their personalities/interests, or keepsake items to remember the occasion. What you chose to gift your crew is ultimately up to you, your budget, ideas and relationships with each person (inside jokes anyone?). Finding something to gift your bridesmaids can seem like a lot, especially when your Pinterest page can’t handle anymore wedding related searches. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work of curating gift boxes for you with our brand new wedding party collection, all of which give you the ability to personalize.

Our team surveyed brides-to-be, former brides, and bridesmaids about their most popular gift items given/received. Over several days, and lots of trial and error, we curated 4 different boxes, as well as 1 DIY option to fit different budgets, and different themes. We had so much fun customizing these boxes, and we hope you get as much enjoyment out of gifting them to your bridesmaids. 

My Best Friend’s Wedding is our signature ask box that comes with a “Bridesmaid” or personalized wine glass, unique scented bath potion, and a hand poured floral soy candle inscribed with “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

The Wedding Crasher will have you ready for fun, and can be used as an ask box or thank you gift. It comes with a “bride gang” tank top, “Life’s better buzzed” oversized cappuccino mug, and matching bridesmaid handmade hair ties, all wrapped up in a beautiful gold trimmed box & ribbon. 

The Hangover is perfect for brides who like to party! It comes complete with an oversized “Hungover AF” baseball tee, “Bride Tribe” sunglasses, recovery non-alcoholic bubbles, and a mini Hangover Kit complete with dry shampoo, coffee, mints and headache relief.

The I Love You Man has a little bit of everything for those who value variety. This big fancy gift box comes complete with a personalized makeup bag, along with a pair of “tied the knot” earrings, relaxing bath potion, printed Bridesmaid themed handmade hair ties, hand poured scented soy candle inscribed with “Thank You for being my Bridesmaid” and a delicious bag of chocolate covered treats to enjoy together. 

If you like the idea of a curated gift box but the ones mentioned don’t quite fit your ideas we have the Made of Honour option available for you. Start with a personalized makeup bag, and add in only the products you want from the available items:
Hangover Kit
Knot Earrings
Bath Potion
Wine Glass
Candle & matches (Will You/Thank You Bridesmaid)
Sunglasses (option to personalize)

To place an order for your lucky squad, feel free to email or, or find us on Facebook and Instagram and chat with us there! 10% discount applies to orders of 4+. 

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