How To Survive The Holidays & Still Pay Your Bills

It's that time of year again where everything is a great Christmas gift for someone and Michael Buble is playing in every public space you visit. Every single thing is a marketing tactic to make you spend money. So here's a few suggestions from me to help you gift for the holidays and still have money left over for a nice bottle of wine while you recover....

1. You don't love everyone THAT much
Accept that you don't have to buy gifts for every single person in your life. Will your hair stylist stop doing your hair? Will Beth from accounting never talk to you again? Will your 3rd cousin be upset if you don't get them a gift? Probably not. Don't put yourself in debt to try to be nice to every single person. Opt for a thoughtful card that expresses genuine gratitude, or attach a small treat as a gesture such as gourmet hot chocolate mix, or a package of cookies! Say it with me, it's the thought that counts!

2. Quality over Quantity friends!
Buying something for everyone in your family? Try a Secret Santa instead! That way you're not just regifting each the same $25 in gift cards and you're able to get something bigger and more meaningful. Have multiple teachers, nurses etc., how about something for all of them to share? Utilize local businesses to get unique and creative gifts that aren't just sitting on a shelf somewhere.

3. Get a gift you can't wrap
Buying a gift for someone that has everything? Gift them the gift of your time (or someone else's time hehe). Consider an experience gift, or a prepaid convenience over buying something just for the sake of buying something. If you're Durham local something like Organize That! can take a load off aging parents, a good spring cleaning, prepaid meal kits like Chef's Plate, or good old fashioned movie or concert tickets for someone who deserves a night out!!

4. Save when you can!
Take advantage of referral & savings codes, and sales that businesses often put on this time of year. When you come across a business you like, be sure to follow their page to receive sale codes in your feed, or check out local mom/ buy & sell/ makers groups. Ask around to friends & family for suggestions of businesses they've used, they may have referral codes for you! Also, some businesses (like us!) will offer discounts for food donations so you can give back and save a little bit of money!

5. Hire a professional.
K this is obviously a shameless plug BUT if you can consult a gift professional do it! Give them your budget and your gift needs and they can make it happen while also making sure you don't spend too much because something was too cute (and also on sale!). Bonus points, you'll save time & gas money driving around so you can focus on more important things (like perfecting your cookie recipe).

Any tips of your own? Leave them for me in the comments, or reach us on Facebook/ Instagram and I'll post some of the best ones!!

With Love,

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  • I’m a big online shopper, the sales always tend to be a bit better. If i’m not buying enough to qualify for free shipping I always give a shout out to my girlfriends, someone is always looking to piggy back an order and we both win!🙌

    Michele Savage

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